Bad karma awaits ‘yaya butcher’

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Latest News Philippines: Bad karma awaits ‘yaya butcher’ –

BAD karma awaits the so-called “yaya butcher” of 21-year-old Bonita A. Baran who was coerced to eat creepy cockroaches, expired foods as well as bathed with Zonrox bleach that caused her blindness.

Thus said Maestro Mystico, referring to the Marzan couple Analiza and Reynold, who scarred and almost beat to death Baran of Bgy. Sagrada, Baras, Catanduanes.

Baran’s ordeal proved a classic real-life soap opera ala National Artist Carlo J. Caparas’ “Bakekang” novel.

She previously served as stay-in maid and yaya of the couple in their residence in Las Villas del Cielo, Visayas Ave., Quezon City, since Feb. 21, 2007 with a starting salary of Php700 and later increased to Php2,000.

Maestro Mystico said that justice must be meted out on the couple who maltreated, scarred, mauled and almost choked to death Bonita, pointing out that a hold order must be issued shortly to prevent them from evading their string of cases which the latter filed recently before the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office.

“Tiyak na bad karma ang kapalit niyan sa amo na nagmalupit sa yaya. Subalit kailangan na mapabilis ang pagresolba sa kaso at pormal na masampahan sa korte ng kaso ang mga nagkasala para makapag-isyu na agad ng hold order sa mag-asawa,” said Maestro Mystico.

Maestro, however, said that the saving of Baran’s life must inspire her and her family to keep the faith as she start off to  a fresh start in her life and turn another leaf after about  five years of demonic and hellish ordeal that she underwent in the hands of the couple.

“Ang kanyang pagkaligtas ay panibagong buhay at pag-asa na kanyang kahaharapin,” Maestro Mystico said.

The psychic is convinced that evil spirits could have taken hold of Analiza that transformed her to be violent and brutal.

Forensic findings of the injuries inflicted on the victim showed she sustained disfigurement and deformity of the head and facial areas secondary to extensive and multiple scarring secondary to injuries, according to PAO forensic consultant and lab director Atty. Erwin P. Erfe, M.D.

The patient will require more than 30 days of medical attention, Erfe said in his report.

Baran also sustained severely diminished vision resulting from the repeated punching of her eyes inflicted by her employer.

Other injuries include fractured tooth, deformity of the nasal bridge and multiple scarring in different parts of her body.

Attempted murder, illegal detention

Chief Public Attorney Persida V. Rueda-Acosta later last week accompanied  Baran on wheelchair in filing a case against the Marzan couple before the QC Prosecutor’s Office with two counts of attempted murder in violation of  Article 248  and kidnapping and serious illegal detention, in violation of Article 267, both of the Revised Penal Code.

Analiza was also charged with seven counts of serious physical injuries while Reynold was charged as accessory to the said offenses.

Police records showed that Baran was fetched by her employer, Analiza, and brought to her Quezon City residence.

Baran sought the assistance of the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) for free legal aid following her maltreatment by her employer since 2007 to 2012.

Baran claimed before the authorities that by means of coercion, she was forced to work, maltreated physically and verbally and locked up by her employer inside the toilet, causing her to suffer multiple injuries, deprivation of freedom and appropriate medical treatment.

She narrated in her affidavit that in one instance, she was forced to eat cockroaches.

“Noong Disyembre  2009, nakakita ng ipis si Analiza habang ako ay naglilinis. Pinapatay niya ito sa akin. Nang napatay ko na, inutusan ako ni Analiza na kainin ko ang ipis. Tumanggi ako … nagalit sa akin si Analiza at kinuha niya ang walis tambo at hinampas ito sa likod ko,” Baran said in her affidavit.

Several times, Baran said she was also punched on her eyes, causing her to be blind.

In July 2010, she was shocked when her employer Analiza suddenly struck her on her arms with the use of a scissor, causing it to bleed profusely.

“Minsan po noong ako ay naglalaba, binuhusan rin po niya ako ng Zonrox  sa ulo at katawan,” she said.

She also said that she could hardly breath when her employer strangled and choked her almost to death last June 2011 when Analiza found her to be slow in going up the second floor of the house.

She was also thrown to the stairs several times and her face and arms ironed with a hot flat iron.  She also claimed her employer undressed her and tore her clothes as she worked and cut her hair.

Baran was only freed from the Marzan household when she became blind and could no longer work as all- around and stay-in maid.

The victim went home to Bgy. Sagrada, Baras, Catanduanes, last May 23, 2012 with multiple injuries.

Her family did not recognize her since her face was swelling. Bonita now trails the winding and rocky road of hope and new life as she walks her way with bravery and courage in seeking justice to the inhumanity inflicted on her for five years.


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  1. Apolinario B Villalobos's Gravatar Apolinario B Villalobos
    September 13, 2012 - 10:28 am | Permalink

    Bonita Baran
    …face of abused dignity

    By Apolinario B Villalobos

    Unblinking puffed eyes
    Protected by oversized spectacles,
    Thin and uneven eyebrows
    With scratches that clearly show,
    Deformed lips and scarred neck
    Blotched shoulders, stuttered speech;
    This is Bonita –
    When one day she emerged –
    A sorry sight to behold
    Bringing tears to our eyes
    As she told her story to the world:

    Braving the promise of uncertainties
    She sailed to Manila from Catanduanes;
    With a few pesos in her purse
    A smile to melt the fear in her heart
    Few pieces of clean but decent clothes
    She set her feet in the bustling Manila City
    Alive with its frenzied sights and sounds
    A cacophony that made her dizzy.

    Worked as a housemaid for a couple,
    She dreamed of sending money home
    Where her loved ones prayed
    For her safety and enduring health;
    But good fortune was not she found
    As the couple who hired her
    Were devils in disguise!
    Not only was Bonita starved
    Mauled, verbally abused and more-
    Trampling her dignity, her pride,
    Marks of which she could not hide.

    For years, the suffering, Bonita endured
    But her body is weak, could take no more
    Till one day, help came for her to escape
    Saving her dwindling strength
    Enough for her to take precious steps
    Back to her island home – Catanduanes
    Where in silence she tearfully suffered
    But God did not let all these pass
    Fate brought her help, boosting her hope
    So that she could get justice that for long
    To her was denied…
    Bonita, to you, we say –fight!

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