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Latest News Philippines: Donation by text pushed –

SENATE Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano wants to tap the 14 million overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) for help to victims of the earthquake that struck in Bohol and Cebu through a text message-based donation system.

Cayetano wants to institutionalize a system allowing Filipinos to send donations for victims of calamities “via text messages” amid the powerful earthquake that rocked the Visayas region Tuesday.

He urged the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and Bangko Sentral, along with telecommunications giants Smart and Globe, to discuss how such a donation system can be consolidated and institutionalized to raise funds for victims of calamities.

“Consider every texter a potential donor. We have seen an outpour of emotional support for Bohol and Cebu and I am almost sure that almost every one of us would want to help in any way we can to help our fellow Filipinos affected by the recent earthquake,” Cayetano said.

“So why not make sending a donation as easy as sending a text message? It would empower every Filipino whose heart goes out to the calamity victims to actually make a difference even with their P1,” he added.

He said that funds raised through the donation scheme could go directly to the governor of the province devastated by a calamity. “Raising funds can be as easy as buying a sim card and registering. Like with the recent earthquake in Bohol and Cebu, hospitals in need of assistance or the DoH could have donations sent in through text messages to a certain sim card,” he said.

The senator said that his proposal will promote the Filipino’s “spirit of bayanihan” during times of disaster, by using only their mobile phones to send their donations.

Cayetano said that if 100 million text messages – which is only a small portion of the SMS traffic sent out by Filipinos on a daily basis – would be directed to a “text-to-donate” type of system, then it would easily raise P100 million in actual funds for the victims.


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