Insiders behind hijacking — HPG

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Latest News Philippines: Insiders behind hijacking — HPG –

BELIEVE it or not but most hijacking cases investigated by authorities through the years turned out to have been perpetrated by hijackers acting in cahoots with company “insiders,” the  Philippine National Police Highway Patrol Group said yesterday.

During a meeting with different stakeholders Tuesday, the PNP-HPG headed by Chief Supt. Arrazad P. Subong shared two most common strategies being used by hijackers.

First is the so-called “Bulong” mode where contacts to “insiders” are initially established through association with drivers or helpers in areas where they usually hang out.

Strategically, these employees will be befriended and ultimately tempted with huge amount of money just to provide the needed information and eventually agreed on a “hijacking drama.”

PNP-HPG operations chief, Senior Supt. Jose Macanas, said under the scheme, the “contact” will relay the agreement to the real “players or hijackers” after bribing the company “insiders” to cooperate with them.

“The “role-playing” victims or the truck driver and his helpers will be hogtied and eventually dumped elsewhere. But the worst part here is that someone in the delivery who is not aware of the scenario may be killed to make the hijacking more believable,” he said.

Macanas said that after unloading the loot in a secured place, the truck or vehicle will be abandoned in a distant area or will be disassembled for disposal in different “fences.” 

Another scheme is known as the “Takbo” mode of hijacking. Macanas said it is almost the same manner of disposal of commandeered goods although the main player in the scheme is no less than the driver.    Alfred Dalizon


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