Oplan ‘Tamang Bihis’

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PHILIPPINE National Police chief, Director General Alan LM Purisima has ordered the strict implementation of the PNP directive on “Tamang Bihis” to prevent criminals and other lawless elements from acquiring and using police uniforms so that they can pose as “cops” and conduct illegal activities particularly robbery-holdups.

In line with his CODE-P program which focuses on competence, organizational development, discipline, excellence and professionalism, the PNP chief wants the re-designing of the PNP uniforms and the institution of safeguards to prevent its unauthorized manufacture and use. Purisima said there is a need to review and design distinct and appropriate uniforms and accoutrements for its personnel in line with the Letter of Instruction Tamang Bihis.

He also said there is a full and immediate need for the registration of the PNP uniform and accoutrements with the Intellectual Property Rights of the Philippines to prevent its illegal use. “To further safeguard the uniform, the PNP must review and regulate all accredited suppliers,” Gen. Purisima said.

“We have to prohibit the use of PNP and Armed Forces uniforms by some unauthorized persons who just want to have a semblance of authority and even go to the extent of posing as cops or soldiers to commit illegal activities,” he explained.

The PNP chief issued the instruction to fully implement the LOI Tamang Bihis to prevent criminals and other lawless elements including the New People’s Army from buying unauthorized police and military uniforms and using them to pose as “cops” in conducting criminal attacks including robbery-holdups or surprise raids on government facilities. Using available police or military uniforms, some criminals in the past have also boldly put up their own checkpoints to rob their unsuspecting targets or accost motorists in the streets.

The PNP Directorate for Research and Development has reiterated the strict implementation of PNP Letter of Instruction 09/06 or “Tamang Bihis Alpha” in the wake of past NPA attacks in the countryside where the rebels have disguised themselves as “police officers” out to turn over captured guerrillas or out to conduct inspections.

Camp Crame has consistently reminded all concerned police officers to strictly implement Executive Order 297 and Article 179 of the Revised Penal Code and other related PNP policies and directives to prevent the unauthorized manufacture, sale and distribution of PNP uniforms and other accoutrements.

Concerned commanders have also been instructed to inspect all dealers, manufacturers, sellers and distributors of PNP uniforms and accoutrements in their areas to check whether they have the Provisional Certificate of Conformity issued by the DRD.


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