Sabah territorial dispute reaches SC

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Latest News Philippines: Sabah territorial dispute reaches SC –

THE recent bitter territorial dispute involving Sabah has finally reached the Supreme Court.

In a 17-page taxpayer’s suit, Louis Biraogo urged the SC to compel the government to pursue the claim over the disputed island before an international tribunal.

Biraogo asked the SC to issue a writ of mandamus directing the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to take the case before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) or other bodies authorized to resolve the dispute.

He said that recorded history will confirm the Sulu sultanate’s claim, which the government should support.

“The territory that is North Borneo (or what Malaysia began to call as Sabah in September 1963) undoubtedly belongs to the Republic of the Philippines by historic right and legal title,” he argued.

Biraogo added that “the British government wrongly assumed that North Borneo belonged to the United Kingdom and, thus put, the British government handed over North Borneo to what eventually became Malaysia.”

“Malaysia assumed sovereignty over North Borneo, renamed it Sabah, and refuses to relinquish possession thereof to the Republic of the Philippines,” he alleged.

Petitioner said he sought relief from the SC because of apparent disapproval of the claim by the administration of President Noynoy Aquino III.      


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