Angeline is new Nora Aunor

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Latest News Philippines: Angeline is new Nora Aunor –

IN the history of Philippine movies, some of the most successful actresses had humble beginnings. Nora Aunor sold water in Iriga railroad station, while the beautiful Hilda Koronel was once living in the dirty side of Leverisa in Pasay, and Amy Austria was a true-blue Tondo girl.

There are other classic examples, and now, here comes, Angeline Quinto from Sampaloc, Manila.

One thing though nice with Angeline is she is so open about what life she has  gone through.  She’s honest and proud  of her humble beginnings.  And perhaps, this has what drove her to strive hard.

After winning the Star Power search, she only wanted to be a top singer.

But what came was more than what she had expected—she is now also an actress and she is playing opposite one of the most sought-after actors in the country, Coco Martin in the movie, ‘Born to Love You’ under Star Cinema, no less.  What luck befell her is unexplainable, but maybe, Angeline, the formerly chubby contestant, was really headed for more success.

Angeline is quite open about her admiration for Coco. And now, she even has a kissing scene with the actor whose lips she said tasted like Listerine. The kissing scene gave  her butterflies in the stomach but at the same time, making her feel she was in cloud  9.

Slowly, Angeline  is looking  forward  for more.  She didn’t realize  that  acting was contagious until she had an interaction with the best performers, led by Coco. She’s grateful about how thoughtful and kind  people are around the set. “They are very helpful especially  to newcomers like me,” Angeline says.  “Coco  told me to relax  and don’t  get nervous as all beginners suffer the same problem.”

Meanwhile, “Born to Love You” opens  in more than 100 theaters nationwide on May 30. She’s confident Coco’s fans  will help  her realize that wish for the movie to become a box-office hit.


NOW, the toss for the “American Idol” season 11 is between  Jessica Sanchez  and  Phillip Phillips.  Some Filipino businessmen are now in Hollywood to negotiate  with  Jessica  as  endorser.

We heard that businessman Ben Chan (of Bench  International)  is offering Jessica  a contract with an amount never been offered  to any Pinoy artist as endorser.

News is also wild that  both GMA7 and  ABS-CBN   are represented to negotiate with her.  But if she wins, they should know that Jessica will have a contract with Fox which is airing American Idol. Maybe, it will take a year to get her perform here.


BOXING idol,  Manny Pacquiao  has apologized  for  whatever trouble that he had created in giving his opinion about same sex marriage in the US after President Barack  Obama  said he is  open to such. Manny reiterates that he has nothing against gays. In fact, he has a gay cousin, and some of his wife, Jinkee’s friends are gays.

Bulk of criticisms was seen on Twitter  that gave Pacman left and right hook, uppercut, and even head butts. Bloggers are urging Nike to drop him as endorser. But he maintains that he was misquoted, and in fact, had never read Leviticus in the Bible.

Maybe, he should invite these gays on   “Manny Many Prizes”  that airs Saturday on GMA, so they will know how kind Manny is.


ON “Kap’s  Amazing  Stories”  this Sunday come questions like:  Are you going to  grab  the honey like nobody’s business even if the honey bees attack you? Will you be assisting or act as helper for a furious elephant? Did you know that up to now  there are  natives  that are not discovered ?

Are you going to build a tree house that is 36 meters in height? If you gather all your relatives,   don’t you think they stay together inside a tree house?  These and more  will be answered by host, Sen. Bong Revilla  in this Sunday’s “Kap’s Amazing Stories”  on GMA7.


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