‘Boycott Claudine, Raymart’

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Latest News Philippines: ‘Boycott Claudine, Raymart’ – Journal.com.ph:

THE Raymart Santiago-Mon Tulfo fistfight elicited varied public reaction on the internet. Some folks side with Santiago and some, with Tulfo. In effect, people say Claudine Barretto should have behaved better in public and not made a scene in reprimanding the ground attendant for her missing luggage. Someone wrote: “Dala pa naman niya ang mga anak niya, she should have been a good example to them at hindi siya naging emotional.

Also, she’s now a has been, dapat, nicer siya sa mga tao para those who see her will get to like her again at baka makapag-comeback pa siya. Dapat nirespeto na lang nila ang pagiging mas matanda ni Tulfo sa kanila dahil 68 na ito.”

But some people also defend Claudine: “Walang karapatan si Tulfo na kunan si Claudine. Nakikialam siya. Invasion of privacy ‘yon. Buti nga nabugbog siya. He got what he deserved for being arrogant. Siya ngayon ang nagsusumbong. Ha-ha-ha!”

Those who side with Tulfo say: “We can’t blame him if he’s taking her photo. He’s a reporter and he saw an injustice being done. It’s also a scoop so it’s a natural reaction for him to do that. It’s the artistas who should behave with more proper decorum in public especially in these days when it’s so easy to record everything happening around us through a cellphone.”

The National Press Club also took up the cudgels for Tulfo and called on the public to boycott the Santiago couple.


IT’S been a violent weekend with two cases of “bugbugan” or celebrities behaving badly, the other one being between ex-lovers Andi Eigenmann and Albie Casiño. Albie’s mom, Mrs. Rina Casiño is on the warpath being interviewed on various TV shows about how Andi and her friends ganged up on her son. First, Andi allegedly poured wine on Albie then slapped him. Later, four friends of her beat him up at the parking lot of Fiamma Bar in Makati, even hitting him with a bottle on the head, an act she calls as “planned and premeditated.”

Andi claims Albie is the father of her 5-month old love child, Adrianna Gabrielle, but Albie denies it.

In the bar, Andi said Albie gave her a bad look, rekindling all her resentments against him, but she swears she has nothing to do with him being beaten up allegedly by Frank Magalona, Carlos Concepcion, Jecjec Lacson, and Neil Arce, ex-BF of Frank’s sister Maxene.

Frank quickly denied involvement in the incident, saying he was attending the birthday of a friend and he’s not with Andi at all as he never even saw her that night. Carlos said he wasn’t in Fiamma at all that night. As for Jec, he tweeted: “You don’t beat up a girl. You just DON’T.”

Andi denies in “The Buzz” that what happened was premeditated. “My daughter is 5 months old. If it was premeditated and I wanted something like that to happen to him, nangyari na ‘yon the very next day that he beat me up. But I never planned for anything like that to happen to him. He’s the one who threatens me that he wants to get me killed. I am sorry if I’m saying too much, but I’m just being honest. For once, I wanna save myself.”

Both the Santiago vs. Tulfo and Andi vs. Albie cases are now in court. So it’s still a long way to go before these unfortunate incidents will be resolved.


DERRICK Monasterio is looking forward to his first trip to America as it’s going to give him the chance to see his biological dad again, a Jamaican-American. “The last time I saw him was four years ago nang bumisita siya rito for three days,” he says. “This time, kasama ko ang mom ko (former actress Tina Monasterio) sa U.S. so magkikita rin sila. I’ve been to Europe twice pero first time ko sa U.S. kaya excited talaga ako.”

Derrick will be gone for a week so he had to advance taping some scenes for “Alice Bungisngis and Her Wonder Walis” where he plays the role of Slade. Because of this, he wasn’t able to go to Indonesia to help Gwen Zamora promote the movie “The Witness” where he sang the theme song.

“Sayang nga, but extended kasi for two weeks ang ‘Alice Bungisngis’ until June, so di ko puwede iwanan, but ‘yung isa ko pang show, ‘Tween Hearts,’ will conclude at the end of this month. Malungkot as this is my first show, pero masaya rin kasi we ran for nearly two years at undefeated kami on the air ng kahit anong show na itinapat sa amin.”

Is it true his mom is sore at Sarah Lahbati because she made him expect that they’ll be on but then turned him down? “We heard about that but it’s not true. Walang ganu’n. Hindi naman ako nag-expect dahil hindi naman natuloy ang panliligaw ko sa kanya.”


MARVIN Agustin is wearing many hats. Aside from being a restaurateur and chef, he’s also an actor and now, a producer for TV5 as he’s handling the production of their new reality show, “Kanta Pilipinas.” He’s happy to be part of GMA’s “The Road” and he’s now in California to attend the Hollywood premiere this Wednesday night.

He left last Thursday yet to first attend a convention of the National Restaurant Association in Chicago over the weekend, then he flew to L.A. for the premiere. His twin sons will follow him on May 18 with their mom and other family members and he’ll treat them to a Disney Cruise for four days. Upon his return, he’ll have a meeting with GMA-7 for a possible new drama he might do with them.


IF you’re a Nicholas Sparks fan, you’d know what to expect in “The Lucky One,” a love story reminiscent of Barbara Cartland and our own Precious Hearts Romance. The lead character is Logan, played by “High School Musical” heartthrob Zac Efron in a more mature role. Logan is a Marine fighting in Afghanistan. He finds the picture of beautiful blonde on the ground with ‘Keep safe’ written on the back. As he leans to pick it up, there was a blast that killed other soldiers, but he was spared. He survived other mishaps with it and someone says it must be his lucky charm.

After his tour of duty, he returns to his sister in Colorado but the woman in the photo continues to haunt him so he searches online for the lighthouse behind the woman in the photo and finds it in Hamden, Louisiana. He walks with his dog Zeus from Colorado to Hamden and asks about the woman. She is Beth (Taylor Schilling), a single mom with a 7 year old son, separated from her violent husband and managing a kennel with her grandmother, Ellie (Blythe Danner).

He’s about to tell Beth about the photo but she thought he came to apply for a position as a handyman in the kennel. Beth is initially suspicious of Logan so she wants to reject him but her grandma chooses to hire him. Beth eventually warms up to Logan, who is very good to her son, Ben (Riley Thomas Stewart), whose deputy sheriff dad is not happy to see his ex-wife and son having a new man in their lives.

Well, every love story needs a villain. And many opportunities for the usual “kilig” moments showing the lovers horsing around and making out in the shower. Let’s just say the main love story is well developed for all its worth. Hopeless romantics looking for a good date movie will not complain. Eventually, the conflicts are resolved in a very contrived manner and the obstruction in the path of the lovers is conveniently dispatched in an engineered climax in the storm.

Zac keeps underplaying all throughout the movie, trying to make us forget his days as a musical star. He obviously wants to be taken seriously as an actor, and we think he has more chances of succeeding than “Harry Potter.”

Problem is he’s paired with an actress who looks older than him, so there’s very little chemistry between them. We’re not familiar with Taylor Schilling but even if she looks older, she nevertheless does quite a competent job as Beth. Blythe Danner is very much welcome as the grandma who invests her role with so much warmth.

The movie is helmed by Aussie director Scott Hicks (“Shine”) and he succeeds in making it fulfill its intentions as a heartwarming romantic melodrama told with lyrical sun-dappled cinematography where the actors exchange a lot of meaningful glances and has enough hot but sanitized love scenes that won’t go beyond a PG-13 rating.


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