Iya, Drew getting married in Paris?

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Latest News Philippines: Iya, Drew getting married in Paris? – Journal.com.ph:

IYA Villania and Drew Arellano left together for France early this week. The rumor is they’re going to tie the knot while they’re in the City of Lights. But just as they’re about to leave, they both denied this.

“Drew is competing in a marathon in Paris at sasamahan ko lang siya,” said Iya.

“She’ll be my yaya while I’m competing,” Drew said. “Matagal ko nang gustong magbakasyon kami together sa Europe and now, we also have a legitimate reason to do it as I’d compete nga sa 42 kilometer race. If ever we’d walk down the aisle, di dito na lang sa Manila as all our family and friends are here to celebrate it with us.”

They’ve been going steady for eight years now. “And it’s getting better every year,” Drew added. “There’s no rush to settle down. It can wait.”

Drew continues to be a co-host of “Unang Hirit” on GMA-7. He also hosts the Sunday trivia show, “Aha,”  and the travelogue “Weekend Getaway” on GMA News Channel 11. He’s been joining marathons for five years now and has also participated in 20 triathlon races like Ironman and Death March.


CONGRATS to John Lapus for the big success at the tills of “Moron 5 and the Crying Lady,” for which Viva Films hosted a victory party. It’s really his movie as he played multiple characters in it and he pulled it off all successfully, especially when he spoofed even cartoon characters. Who knows? He might win another best comedy actor award for his performance, just like when he won two years ago for his riotous performance in “Here Comes the Bride.”

He should really thank Director Wenn Deramas for giving him a wacky vehicle like this movie and also his five co-stars (Marvin Agustin, Billy Crawford, Luis Manzano, Martin Escudero and DJ Durano) who supported him well all throughout the movie where the five morons are reminiscent of Jim Carrey’s “Dumb and Dumber.” Viewers are laughing out loud all throughout the movie and that can only mean audiences today just want to laugh and be entertained, never mind if the jokes are slapstick, corny and even recycled. As usual, there’s a scene where the guys put on women’s clothes, a staple in comedies like this. Billy Crawford turned out to be the prettiest among them in drag. Giving good support are Kuya Germs and Arlene Muhlach as Billy’s parents, Dennis Padilla as Martin’s dad, and Billy and Luis’ girlfriends, Nikki Gil and Jennylyn Mercado, who appear in guest roles.


ENRIQUE Gil is glad that he was among the cast members of “The Princess and I” who shot on location in the Kingdom of Bhutan. “It’s a great experience for me,” he says. “Sobrang ganda ng place, surrounded by mountains.”

Enrique just turned 20 on March 30. Born in Cebu City to Enrique Gil Sr. (deceased) and Bambi Bacay, he is the second of three kids. He has an older brother, Enrique Javier, and a younger sister, Frances.

He took up workshops at Trumpets, which is why he’s now managed by its owners Carlo Orosa and Audie Gemora. He became a part of Star Magic Batch 16 in 2008 when he was 16. He was introduced in “Pieta” and the sitcom “George and Cecil.”  In “ASAP,” he became a part of the Gigger Boys. His biggest break was in “Mula sa Puso.”

After he appeared in “Mara Clara,” he was cast with its leads, Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes, in the movie “Way Back Home.” He then supported Gerald Anderson in “Budoy.”  Now, he’s back to lead roles and paired with Kathryn in “The Princess and I” that starts airing on Monday.


AFTER winning several best picture awards locally, “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank” is now one of the 12 films  competing in the 5th edition of the Off Plus Camera main dramatic competition section of the Krakow International Film Awards next month in Poland (home of the late Pope John Paul II), where only the debut or second film of a director can compete. “Septic Tank” is the directorial debut of Marlon Rivera, so it’s eligible. The winner will get a cash prize of US$100,000.

“Septic Tank,”  produced by Atty. Joji Alonso’s Quantum Films, is the only Asian entry and it’s reviewed as: “An amazing film experiment that takes the viewer on a journey into urban slums, where a single mother decides to sacrifice a child’s life in order to save her own family. And when it seems that Rivera’s film will be a long and lyrical story, the director surprises with some unexpected twists and energy emanating from the screen, which forces you to consider the nature of cinema and its relations with the audience.”

The other entries are:”Avalon” – a debut feature film of a Swedish director Axel Petersen. “She Monkeys” – also from Sweden, directorial debut of Lisa Aschan.  “Bellflower” – the debut of an American director, Evan Glodell, about myths on masculinity. “Electrick Children” – about growing up, by another American, Rebecca Thomas. “An Oversimplification of Her Beauty” by Terence Nance, also an American.

From Albania, the vicious circle of violence in Albanian history is portrayed by Joshua Marston in “The Forgiveness of Blood.” “Sulla Strada Di Casa” – the directorial debut of Italian Emiliano Corapi about a young businessman who becomes victim to recession. The Danish movie “Teddy Bear” by Mads Matthiesen is about a 38-year-old bodybuilder, still living with an overprotective mother. “Tomboy” by Céline Sciamma is about a 10-year old lesbian. “Without” directed by Mark Jackson is about a teenage nanny. From Poland, “Courage” by Greg Zielinski is the story of two brothers, Alfred and Jerzy, who have a company providing Internet services.

Here’s wishing “Septic Tank” would win and take home the big cash prize.


IF ‘Mirror, Mirror’ was made during her heydays as America’s Sweetheart, Julia Roberts would have played Snow White in this reinvention of the favorite Grimm fairy tale. But since she’s now a mom and her recent films like “Larry Crowne,”  “Duplicity” and “Eat Pray Love” didn’t do so well at the tills, she now plays the role of the evil queen named Clementianna.

But the most riveting characters in “Mirror Mirror” (which was released ahead in Manila and just opened in the U.S.) are actually the seven dwarfs, played by midgets, just like in the local version made by LVN Pictures in the 50s, “Si Marita at ang Pitong Duwende”, where “unanos” played the role of the dwarfs with Marita Zobel, still a teenager then and now playing grandma roles. Instead of being miners just like in the Disney cartoon version where they sing “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, from home to work we go”, they now play bandits in the forest who pretend to be giants by standing on stilts.

In the updated story, Snow White (played by Lily Collins, the daughter of singer Phil Collins) has been a prisoner in her own kingdom since her widowed dad, the king, married the evil queen (Julia) then suddenly went missing. The handsome Prince Alcott (Armie Hammer, “The Social Network,” “J. Edgar”) sees Snow White and falls in love with her. But the evil queen wants him for herself as she has gone bankrupt and wants his riches for herself. She tells him Snow White is dead and makes him drink a potion for him to fall for her instead.

Envious of Snow White’s beauty and goodness, the queen then orders her henchman, Brighton (Nathan Lane), to kill her but Brighton lets Snow White escape instead. In the dark forest, she meets the seven dwarf thieves and becomes their leader in her efforts to get back her kingdom.

The movie will appeal mainly to kid viewers, as a fantasy-adventure with  great visuals, fabulous costumes, stunning sets and thrilling swordfights.

Lily Collins is adequate as the princess turned warrior, but she doesn’t really make much of an impression. Julia fares better, mixing the right tone of campiness and menace in her interpretation of the evil queen role.

Armie Hammer is ideal in the prince charming role who becomes the damsel in distress needing rescue after Julia puts a spell on him and he starts acting like a puppy. The midget actors all do a fine comic job as the thieving dwarfs.

Kid viewers will surely enjoy this version of Snow White. The movie’s director is Tarsem Singh, who made “Mirror Mirror” with a surer sense of style compared to his last movie, the very boring “The Immortals.” And since he’s of Indian ancestry, he ends the movie with a sprightly musical Bollywood number.

Later this year, there will be a darker version of “Snow White” starring Kirsten Stewart of the “Twilight” series and with another Oscar-winning actress as the evil queen, Charlize Theron. Let’s see which one will be a better reimagining of the endearing fairy tale.


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