Richard dates Sarah for real

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Latest News Philippines: Richard dates Sarah for real –

ARE they or aren’t they on? At first, we thought the reports about Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati being lovey-dovey with each other is just part of the promo of their primetime soap, “Makapiling Kang Muli.” As the star-crossed lovers Martin and Graciela in the story, there’s no doubt they have great on-screen chemistry.

They were first seen dating each other at the “Boy Pickup” premiere night two months ago. Soon after that, there were other sightings of them together and they now even take their muay thai lessons together. They now even have a Facebook account called SarahChard and so many people register their likes for it. When they do out of town regional promos for the show, it’s said they’re glued to each other all the time, oblivious of all their co-stars. So what gives?

We heard Richard has already broken up with his non-showbiz model girlfriend, which means he’s free again these days. Wags say he’d be lucky to be the first boyfriend of Sarah, who has never had a BF before and is a certified virgin.

But Sarah is also very fortunate with Chard, the peg for all the new artista searches of GMA as he’s got it all: looks, talent, charisma, appeal and dedication to his craft. To date, “the next Chard” has yet to be discovered as it’s hard to measure up to the standards he has set. He’s not only a drama actor in “Makapiling Kang Muli,” whose story’s twists and turns get more exciting by the day, but he’s also a devoted environmentalist as seen in the award-winning docus he has hosted and in his weekly show, “Pinoy Adventures.”  Is there any other actor who can claim the same? None, because Richard is truly one of a kind.


THE four actresses who topbill “Mga Mumunting Lihim,” Judy Ann Santos, Iza Calzado, Janice de Belen and Agot Isidro portraying women who are the best of friends and enemies, all won in the best actress category of the Cinemalaya Awards Nights’ Directors Showcase held last rainy Sunday night at the CCP. They all deserve it for their fine ensemble acting, like what we wrote in our review of the film. As predicted by a lot of people, Eddie Garcia as the grumpy old gay in “Bwakaw” won as best actor. The best supporting actor was Art Acuna as the menacing police officer in “Posas” (he also won in this category last year for “Nino”.) No one won as best supporting actress. Best picture was “Posas” of Quantum Films, about corruption among our law enforcers.

In the New Breed Category, best actress was Ama Quiambao as the lonely mom of five sons in “Diablo” and best actor was Kristoffer King as the man who uses the dead for a living in “Oros.”  Best supporting actress and actor were Anita Linda as the senile grandma in “Sta. Nina” and Joross Gamboa as the young man who gets back at his abusive stepdad in “Intoy Syokoy.” Best picture was “Diablo,” about a mom and her five sons which we found such tedious viewing.

Here are the other winners. For Directors Showcase: Best screenplay (by Joey Reyes) and best editing – “Mga Mumunting Lihim.” Best production design, best cinematography and best sound – “Kalayaan.” Best musical score, special jury prize and best direction (by Raymond Red) – “Kamera Obskura.” Audience award and Netpac Award – “Bwakaw.”

For New Breed category: Best editing – “The Animals.”  Best sound – “Aparisyon.” Best musical score and Audience choice award – “Ang Nawawala.” Best production design – “Intoy Syokoy.”  Best screenplay and special Jury prize – “Requieme.” Best cinematography, best direction (by Mes de Guzman), and Netpac Award – “Diablo.”

For the short film category:  Best director – Sheron Dayoc. Best screenplay – “Paghihintay sa Bulong.” Best short film – “Victor.” Audience choice award – “Ruweda.”


IF ‘Showbiz Central’ had its last telecast last Sunday on GMA7, TV5’s “Paparazzi” also had its last airing last Saturday. “Showbiz Central” will be replaced by “HOT TV.”  “Paparazzi” will be replaced by “Ang Latest!” Ruffa Gutierrez’ recent resignation from “Paparazzi” proved to be prophetic. When she left it, the show also ended.


ALOY Adlawan’s “Ang Katiwala” didn’t bore us but we honestly don’t know what to make of it. The lead character is Ruben (Dennis Trillo), a carpenter in Zambales who lost his job due to politics. An uncle offers him to work as caretaker of an old house in New Manila. He accepts it and leaves his wife (Althea Vega) and son in the province. The cavernous house turned out to be owned by Commonwealth Pres. Manuel Quezon. Ruben knows next to nothing about him.

Nothing much happens and we really can’t get a clue as to where the film is going. Ruben is shown visiting his lesbian cousin (Angelina Kanapi) and her single mom girlfriend (Nerizza Naig) in the impoverished slum area where they squat. He befriends the night watchman, Gimo (Ronnie Lazaro), who dreams of winning P1 million. But more than anything else, he gets fascinated by the late president, reads his biography and listens to his speeches. Soon, he’s aping Quezon’s hairstyle and memorizing his speeches.

All throughout, the film is very quiet and there doesn’t seem to be any kind of conflict (which really made it quite cumbersome viewing) until the last few sequences when violence suddenly enters the picture. Ruben’s cousin and relatives get involved in a fire in the slums and some people chase and shoot them in the president’s house. Who these armed men are and what exactly happened is not exactly explained.

We want to think the movie is a tribute to Pres. Quezon and how he fought hard for our country to gain independence from the U.S.  Writer-Director Aloy Adlawan even makes use of animation to shed more light on Quezon’s life and accomplishments. But Quezon’s famous statement (“It’s better to have a government ran like hell by Filipinos”) is repeated several times and the implication is that it proved to be prophetic as we indeed have several corrupt officials who have ran our government like hell, making many of our people suffer and wallow in poverty, like Ruben and his relatives themselves. Even in the province, his wife, son and father in law were robbed and shot by bandits. Ruben goes home and they got thrown out of the land they were tilling, with the future seemingly bleak for him and his family.

The film is held together by Dennis Trillo’s title role performance. It’s amazing how he tackles the underwritten role with instinctive dexterity, making it his own. If only for his astute interpretation of the role, the film is already worth seeing.


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