McArthur-Peter Yap Cup to FCarlos Loft

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Latest News Philippines: McArthur-Peter Yap Cup to FCarlos Loft –

McARTHUR, Leyte — FCarlos  Loft  of  brothers Florencio and  Frederick  Carlos emerged as  the overall  champion  in  the   second McArthur  National  Race-Peter Yap Cup held last March 24.

Carlos’ winning  entry —  a blue  bar  cock out of  the Terminator line   and  PHA Ban No. 12-2124490 —  made a speed of 746.851 to  capture  top honors in  the prestigious event organized  by  the  Philippine Homing  Pigeon   Association, Inc. for the second  straight year.

Carlos is  affiliated with EPFC.

Franklin   Fragante  of   SRPC   finished second   with  his  blue  bar white   flight hen out of  Lix Ang X  Victor Lim line  and PHA  12-2127164, which   had   a  speed  of  704.453.

Ezekiel Lunar of PHA  clinched  third place with his  blue  cheque cock  out of Jos Van  Den  Broucke  X Norbert Sieren line  and PHA 12-2121784, which had  a  speed  of 698.513.

Jay de la  Cruz of  PPBC  and  Ping  Pantaleon  of  BFRC finished fourth  and  fifth, respectively.

De la Cruz’s blue bar hen out of  Jos Van  Den  Broucke  X   Norbert Sieren  line  and PHA  12-2129517 made  a  speed of 697.241  for  fourth  place, while  Pantaleon’s  red  cheque  hen out of Emiel de Weerdt  X Andre  Lieter  line  and  PHA  12-2125635  had  a speed  of  660.614 for  fifth  place.

Sixth place went to PHA president Jaime “Jimi” Lim and  his  blue  bar  hen out of  Pure Pierre  and  Patrick Philippens line  and  PHA-12-2120287, which  made  a  speed of 651.296.

Another PHA member, Luis Chiu, took  seventh  place overall  with  his pied blue cheque  white flight  out of Jos Van Den Broucke   X   Jan Aarden/Rey So line and  PHA 12-2121110, which  had  a speed of  633.386.

Completing  the Top 10 finishers  were  Larry Ang of PPBC, eighth  place  with  his blue  bar cock  out of  Pure Jos Van Den  Broucke  line    and  PHA-12-2123857 and a  speed of 615.650;  Paul Ung of PHA, ninth  with  blue   cheque  cock out of    George  Carteus X Cooper line and  PHA 12-2122080 and a speed of  604.975; and  Jose Torres of  MVPA, 10th  with  his  blue bar  cock  out of  Pure  Jos Van  Den  Broucke line  and PHA-12-2125951 and a speed of 602.112.

Also making it  were Dindo Vijandre, 11th;  Reggie Cruz, 12th;  Arman  Punongbayan, 13th;  Kerby Chua, 14th;  Ferdinand  Chua, 15th; John Joriz, 16th;  Romeo Liwag, 17th;  Reynante Dipasupil, 18th; John Joriz, 19th; and Noel Gonzales, 20th.              


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